Not Another F***ING Fitness Book!

I’m here for the regular people. The ones who want to be strong and bold and adventurous at their own pace. The ones with lives, injuries, bills to pay, mouths to feed, mental illness, obstacles – real ass shit. The people who know that health and fitness are the foundation of a good life, but not the sum total of it.


That good life starts with the basics. Clearing distractions, gaining focus, employing systems, and knowing how much is “enough,” dependent on your goals. You need to get stronger, get rid of all the useless static (other people’s opinions don’t pay your bills) and find something you love to do. (Guess what? It doesn’t even have to be fitness related.)


I’m writing this for anyone who feels stuck or overwhelmed at square one, or is coming back from a setback and can’t seem to get their footing. Before you go dive into the ocean of fitspo chaos, take a moment and solidify your bedrock. Be strong and focused. Remember what brings you joy and what is poisonous, and tune your settings accordingly.