Buffalo Point: Dogs, Fight Camp, and Discussions on Anthropology

I knew the stark beauty of Antelope Island would make for a pretty picture in the wintertime, so I took my anthropologist/fight camp babe friend Marissa with me, (and her husband and her three dogs) to hike Buffalo Point, a short, but sweet, trail with an incredible 360 degree view at the top.


I met Marissa about a year ago, when we trained together at the now closed Temple MMA (RIP) in Cottonwood Heights. I liked her because she was wild and honest and would say anything she was thinking out loud and unabashedly. You’d think she’s the bad bitch that gives zero fucks, but she’s also smart and interested in the world and well-read.

I call her a hippie, which she claims she’s not, but she has a shell necklace hanging from her rear view mirror, likes jam bands, wears funky patterns, and takes her dogs everywhere. She’s at least got a touch of the groove in her, even though she made it a personal goal to step in the cage and fight this year.

Anyway, we chose Buffalo Point Trail because we only had a few hours and it is short, but very rewarding.


What’s Good About the Trail?

You get to Buffalo Point by bypassing the visitors center and hanging left. It’s just a few minutes up the road and around a bend. There’s a decent-sized lot and a set of bathrooms, plus a little deck with tables and concessions stand (which was closed for the winter.)

The hike itself is pretty short up to the top of a hill. It’s not very steep, but you are climbing the entire way. Active hikers won’t have any problems scooting up at a moderate pace. Kids will scale it easily. People who aren’t in tip top shape will huff and puff a little bit and sedentary folks might need to stop every few minutes and take a breath or two.

But the good news is the trail is so short, it’s worth a few breaks. The view is 360 degrees and spectacular. You see the Great Salt Lake and mountain ranges all around you.

In the winter, some of the trail is a little slippery, so small spikes are smart to bring along but not absolutely necessary. There is plenty of rocks to step on for balance. This is definitely a trail that would work best in cooler weather, as there is no shade whatsoever. Early in the morning or sundown would be lovely in the hot months.

For those traveling with wheelchairs or assistive devices, there is a ramp from the parking lot, up to the viewing deck, by the concessions stand. A good idea would be to skip the trail itself and kick back on the deck for some beautiful views and a cold drink in the summer, or a hot coffee in the winter. If you have mixed abilities in your bunch, the active folks can hike up and down the trail while those who would prefer to look out at the Lake and relax, can chill on the deck, instead.

You never know what you’ll see on the Island. Along with the views, there is some neat wildlife. Today we saw bison grazing by the road. I’ve also seen coyotes and snakes and hawks. (Oh my!)


The Buffalo Point Vibe

  • 1.3 miles, 272 feet elevation

  • Amazing 360 degree views

  • Dogs on leash

  • Go when it’s not hot and buggy - there is no shade and major flies in the summer.

  • Accessible ramp to deck at base of trail to relax and enjoy a snack.

  • Abundant wildlife

  • $10 vehicle entrance fee to the park.

Check out the video below to see more of the trail and hang out while Marissa and I talk about anthropology and fight camp!

Buffalo Point Trail

Antelope Island State Park

4528 West 1700 South

Syracuse, UT 84075



(*Where Marissa trains)

555 East 2100 South
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106