Take a Hike


We all get caught up, don’t we?

Work schedules, the kids, school, dinner, catching up on social media… We say, ugh, I didn’t get out today - tomorrow, for sure.

And another day goes by, and another. Tomorrow, for sure, becomes next week, I swear.

Next month.

Next year.

Would you believe we lived in Salt Lake City for five years before we finally went to Moab? We were living three hours away from a wonder of the fucking world, and we were too caught up in the minutia to see it - for FIVE YEARS.


I live 10 minutes, tops, from the canyons and I rarely get out there. I’m too busy being busy. We live in a society that fetishizes working around the clock, as if it is a marker for success. Working hard towards a goal is one thing, but constant multitasking and being at everyone’s beck and call is killing us.

We need to turn off the phones, step away from the toil, and get outside.

I realize not all of you have a backyard as beautiful as mine, but I promise, even a stroll around the block or a drive to the forest preserves accomplishes the same thing.

Being outdoors changes our mood and exercise boosts brain growth hormone. It provides clarity and focus. Those qualities will do more for your success and fulfillment than being busy ever will.


I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and review hikes around town for anyone who is interested. And no, it will not consist of a basic bitch yoga pose on a rock with a cheap motivational quote. I’ll take you up - or over or around - and tell you exactly how easy or hard it is, plus give all fitness levels tips on how to conquer the trail or peak.

I believe we all should be motivated to get the fuck outside - tune out the noise, turn off the busy - and clear our heads.

From now on, all of my hiking excursions will be found under the category

Take a Hike