Getting Down with Turkish Getups at Team Musclebus

Private technique sessions aren’t just for personal trainers or the ultra-dedicated. They are incredibly beneficial to anyone looking to keep their shit tight and do it right when they are at their local gym or on their own. This is precisely why I had Anne Casstevens, owner of Team Musclebus gym, give me a lesson on Turkish getups and proper kettlebell form.

Anne Casstevens, coaching me through a Turkish getup

Anne Casstevens, coaching me through a Turkish getup

I remember the first time I met Anne. I was near the last quarter of a barnburner at Gym Jones, grinding out some 50 goblet squats. I was probably lost in my pain, because my form had faltered and my hips were hyper extending on each rise. She slipped through the door that connects the two gyms, like she does, and immediately corrected me.

“Um, you don’t want to do that. Don’t arch your back - it will get you hurt.”

She was right. I snapped out of my delirium and re-focused on my form. After that she would be in and out, as the two gyms have a symbiotic relationship. Anne runs the kettlebell course at the Gym Jones Advanced Seminar. They share space and equipment when necessary. Each gym has two distinctly different vibes, but they are family.

Why Book a Technique Session?

After being sidelined with a shoulder injury, I decided to rebuild my foundation. Core strength and getting my body to work appropriately was of utmost importance. Kettlebell strength training is excellent for building that type of fundamental strength, plus you can correct imbalances. I wanted to make sure my form was on point so I don’t end up being that asshole that re-injures myself as soon as I move to daddy weights. There is a scary amount of people in the gym wing-dinging these iron balls around like they don’t need their lumbar spine for long. I want to avoid being one of them.


What We Did

Anne took me through some warm ups specific to get my lats firing at the right time and keeping my core engaged. We circled a kettlebell around my head, did some banded pulldowns and strict floor presses. Then, we worked on “getup situps,” which take you from a floor press, to the first part of the Turkish getup.

Once we had that down, we worked the whole getup. It’s not as easy as you think - it is a movement that if you don’t align your body the correct way, you fail and die. Or, more likely, you mutter, “shit!” and try to work the ball up shaky-style, knowing it looked ugly.

Once you are in alignment, however - it is a phenomenal full body movement that doesn’t let you half-ass anything. It’s a great training exercise that can be applied to everything else you do. You find your column of strength.

After that, we had a great conversation about strength training (see video below) and Anne demonstrated the deadbug exercise and proper overhead press form. I had a fun afternoon with her, learning and talking shop, and am using these movements in conjunction with my physical therapy to prime my body for 2019 - what I hope to be the year of “Strong as Fuck.”

Anne’s angles are rock solid.

Anne’s angles are rock solid.

The Musclebus Vibe

  • Kettlebell and strength expertise

  • Functional fitness

  • Relaxed atmosphere

  • Tight-knit group classes

  • Private technique sessions

  • Intensity with purpose

Check out the video of our session below!

Team Musclebus Gym

3322 South 300 East

Salt Lake City, UT 84105