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The Fit Mom Diet - 3 Solutions to Overcome Bad Advice

If you look up “fit mom diet” on the Internet, chances are you'll be bombarded the worst diet advice on the planet. For women, you'll see calories slashed to basal metabolic levels (meaning the number of calories you burn at rest, before you even wake up and digest your first cup of coffee), or restrictive plans like green juice all day, veganism, raw, fruit-only, no-carb, fast after 6PM.

In other words, just about everything to crash your metabolism and whittle you to a weak, hungry shell of your former self...

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Exercise and Mental Health: Using Fitness to Fight Depression and Anxiety

If you follow me on Instagram (@ironbeaverfitness), you know I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder. This is something I have dealt with since childhood, but most predominantly since my mid-teens.

When I was diagnosed, there was no array of pills to choose from to alleviate the situation. This was pre-Xanax, people. Prozac had just come on the market and was not being pushed hard, especially at teenagers. I was basically given two options: sink or swim…

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