PER VITAM Vegan Protein Powder

I have to be honest, vegan protein powders are not my first choice as a shake, but it is a good thing to vary your protein sources and get more plant based food in your diet. Per Vitam is the new plant-based, vegan line from MTS Nutrition, so I thought I'd give it a try.

*Since I am a whey drinker, I wanted to make sure I was fair in my tasting, so I also sipped a sample of Vega Sport brand chocolate to give me a baseline. I found the Per Vitam to be a much bolder flavor than Vega Sport, which, in my opinion, was more bland.*

Both shakes had a seedy, nutty vibe going on, with a puff of cocoa powder - I would definitely add a frozen banana to both. But, again, not a vegan. The Per Vitam mixed really well and was surprisingly smooth. 

For those concerned with what is in the powder, Per Vitam is 110 calories / 21 G Protein / 2 G Fat / 4 G Carbohydrate / 2 G Fiber per scoop. What I like about the ingredients is there is no amino spiking to make the protein content appear larger, there are very few added ingredients to sweeten it up, no sugar, no junk. 

The Sacha Inchi nut is the new "superfood" fad. It is said to be sustainably harvested and contains 8 grams of protein per 1 oz serving, plus boasts some of the highest plant-based omega 3 content. Brown rice, Sacha Inchi and pea proteins are the predominant ingredients (plus a sunflower-based "Clean Cream" that gives the shake its smooth texture.)

I'm actually excited to bake with the PerVitam - I think the nutty flavor will be really good in breads. 

You can find it HERE or click on the supplements tab to head to the general Tiger Fitness page and other product reviews.