Fresh Shiny New Beaver

Fresh Shiny New Beaver

Last week, my 13 year old daughter joined Instagram. I told her she could not look at my page and because her account is locked down and private, I did not follow her. Then I saw her posts through my husband's phone. My little girl is so smart and cute and amazing - how could I not be following her? Because my Instagram is too adult? Is it, really? What is my message?

What is my message? 


And it hit me. Be the message. 

I've told you all it was going to take me some time to find my path. Excuse the dust and the blood, but you don't just go from full mom mode to knowing who the fuck you want to be in a month. It took me a minute, but I'm back on track. I'm going to give you some midlife Lizdom (TM) in a way that I can feel good about. In a way that my daughter can see and read (Mind you, she's very mature, so I'm not going to refrain from swearing or keeping shit as real as you are used to.) Actually, what I say isn't going to change so much as the thought I am going to put into this hobby of mine.

So hang out - we're going to get you all fit - physically, mentally and emotionally - so you can live your best life in this blip of existence, spinning on our mote of dust, somewhere in the cosmos. 

I followed her and she followed me back. This is next level shit.