Is Fit-Shaming a Thing?

No. It's fucking not and if you are sensitive about people trying to put you down because you're ripped, athletic and hot, you really need to get a grip. I think "Fit Shaming" is like white people talking about "reverse racism" when someone says "cracker ass cracker!"

Let me explain....

it's so rough being able to lift grown ass men off the ground AND wear a bikini, guys. 

Having a fit body is revered in society. Having a fat body is shamed. Having a fit body gives you confidence at the beach. Having a fat body makes you want to hide. Having a fit body gives you health benefits. Having a fat body gives you unhealthy symptoms (to say the least.) Having a fit body affords you the privilege of being perceived as attractive, focused, able, hygienic, energetic and happy. So you get the job, land the promotion, get the loan, the house, the girl/guy, etc. Having a fat body gives you the disadvantage to be perceived as lazy, unkempt, unhygienic, unattractive, slow and unhappy. You may be passed over for the job, promotion, loan, what have you. We are so image-oriented that good-looking people enjoy many benefits, consciously or sub-consciously. 

So, from my perspective, "fit shaming" is pointless and claiming it is an actual thing is insulting to the millions of Americans struggling with obesity and societal standards. While it technically may happen, as is the case with the recent Twitter uproar over Chad Johnson's crossfit chick bullshit, there is NO SHAME in being fit. What the fuck can you say to me that's going to hurt my feelings? You're obsessed? Yeah, I love it. Meal prep is too regimented? I work a few hours on Sunday so I don't have to cook during the week. Frees up a lot of my time. You lift too heavy? Go big or go home, sucka. Your muscles are too big for a girl? Hoe, I can catch a dick like that - snap! (By dick, I of course only mean my husbands dick 4-eva, but ya'll know what I'm talking about.) Don't train so hard? I can murder you with your shirt collar. Being so lean is gross? Ok, you got me on this one because I like to eat too much to get super lean. But if I was that lean, I'd say yeah, because my ripped up abs are so hard to show off in the summer. All that bathing suit and short short anxiety that I never feel... it's rough. 


I'm too big for you? Nah, trick - you're too small for me. 

Fit people are generally glorified in society, seen as inspiration, and admired, sometimes for nothing more than their appearance, not achievements or greatness. Fat people can be fucking amazing and people are still going to comment on their need to lose a few pounds. There are no TV shows pitting "too fit" people against one another to gain weight and lose their six packs. So, please, fit folks, don't you dare boo hoo.

Fat shaming is a thing because it sucks to be obese, plagued by physical problems and society's judgmental glare. Fit shaming is not a thing because it's an amazing and empowering thing, to be fit. 

Are some people not going to understand you? Yes. Are some people going to not be attracted to you? Yes. Are some people going to try and bounce their insecurities off you? Absolutely. Everyone does this shit all the time. You don't understand other people's proclivities, you aren't physically attracted to everyone, you sometimes cut down other people's way of doing things to bolster your own way. Don't lie. I'd like to live in a world where no one is judged by their appearance, but by the content of their character, but that day doesn't exist yet. The best defense for shaming of any kind is to love your damn self and decide your own value. 

You were "fit-shamed"? Big deal. Go cry into your protein shake, while scrolling through your thousands of likes on your sexy instagram selfies. Let's keep our spines as strong as our muscles, okay?