When Life Hands You Lemons... Work Out.

All you need is a kettlebell and a jump rope. 

Last week I was excited and hopeful. 

Last week I was beginning a new, and very ambitious, lifting plan and planning on training Jiu Jitsu every night in hopes of competing again in June. I was PUMPED. I was ready to slay. Nothing but clear skies in the forecast...

This week, my husband lost his job. His company decided to shutter the studio he'd spent the last three years at. We had just uprooted our family to have this opportunity and now everything we worked for is up in the air again. One of our cars is in the shop and the house is a disaster. The kids are finishing out their school year, so there are a million projects and parties and events lined up, to boot. What we don't know is what kind of employment situation we will have within the next few months, but what we do know is we are downsizing - fast!

Instead of putting 20 pounds on my bench press, I will be cleaning out our rental house, room by room. Instead of crushing leg day at the gym, I'll be selling all my unnecessary things on Craigslist. Instead of competing, I'll probably be moving my family into a smaller apartment, so we can save money and have more wiggle room, should things fall through. 

Shit happens. We have priorities. 

But I decided to do something today. Even though I couldn't go to the gym or roll tonight, I did a circuit that got the blood pumping and the endorphins flowing. All you need is TWO THINGS. Two things for four exercises. SO simple. And it made all the difference:


2 minute : Jump rope warm up

Repeat 3-5x

1 min fast jump rope

20 goblet squats with kettlebell

20 push ups

20 Russian twists (40 count total) 

** You can take a 1 minute break in between rounds, take a sip of water - whatever - OR you can try to power through two rounds before a breather. **