#Summercuts : Week 6

So we're almost halfway through (depending on your goals.) How many of us have been perfect and on-point this whole time, with no slip ups? Don't lie. 

That's exactly why I start so early; life happens. The end of winter and beginning of spring is, in my opinion, a bummer of a calendar period. Flus are going around, the schizophrenic weather is wreaking havok on our sinuses, and we have to adjust from eating comfort food in warm places to trying to get "summer ready." It doesn't go smoothly, ever, but you can make positive steps in the right direction. 

Now that the last round of silly chocolate and beer themed holidays are behind us, we have this next stretch of time until summer that is fairly flat and uneventful. Let's use this stretch to take our positive steps further and get serious. Tighten up your diet, and get yourself moving more.

This week, I encourage you to add an activity to your day. Pick something that you feel weak at and work on it - could be ten minutes a day. If you're push is weak, do a few sets of push-ups every morning before breakfast. If you hate legs, begin each workout with a squat set. If you have been ignoring your cardio, add 10 minutes of bike intervals, running stairs, or burpee circuits once a day. For me, I need to add flexibility to my life. In order to become better at jiu jitsu, I need to loosen up -not just a quick stretch before class, but I need to "be" looser in general. So, I called my yogi friend and asked her for a few simple poses I could do in the AM and the PM to open my body up. 

My goal this week is to warm up with a few 2 minute rounds of jump rope in the AM and do these poses for a minute or two, each. In the evening, after class I will run through the poses again. 

These next 6 weeks are where we have to put in real work and focus. Resolve to stick to your diet, don't skip workouts, and add something new to your repertoire. The last few weeks, we were finding our groove - these next few weeks, we've got to work it if we want to see results. 

No excuses - use this stretch of uneventful time wisely and you will be very happy by June.