January 2015 Program: WEDNESDAY

January 2015 Program: WEDNESDAY

I needed a little break from straight powerlifting/building, so I decided to play around with volume a little. I'm basically doing a Wendler-type routine with modified volume and progression. I'm not going for maxes at the moment, so there's no pressure to hit a certain goal, only to push that notch/weight up as often as I can. I am lifting four days a week. 


Wednesday is my Deadlift day, with a side of legs and abs. I was working up to 205 for 3's but I'm dropping it all down for a while and putting in higher reps. Also isolating those hammies twice a week, so I am not quad-dominant. 

Warm-up Elliptical (5 minutes)

Deadlift 10, 8, 6, 4, 2* (if I'm feeling like doubles)

Leg Press 12, 10, 8, 6, 

Single Leg Curl 12, 10, 8


Decline Crunch 3x20

Decline Russian Twist 3x20

After all that I come home, get some work done, take care of the kids and pop back out for BJJ class in the evening. Wednesday's class regular, about an hour twenty.