Fat Shaming and "Dear Fat People"

Fat Shaming and "Dear Fat People"

About a week and a half ago, a viral video swept the YouTubes and has recently been taken down by the website because it was considered "hate speech." This video was called "Dear Fat People," and no, I don't recommend anyone watch it. I don't consider it hate speech, just dumb spoiled cunt speech, which is typical of this day and age where people equate windbag fucktard with "telling it like it is." 

I honestly don't remember this woman's name and I watched the video yesterday. Not only that, but I watched some of her other videos, too, just to make sure I was taking her as a whole, in the correct context (I research deep, peeps.) Apparently, she is a wannabe comedian from Canada, who I think is trying to be edgy and cute like Jenna Marbles, but falls way short and ends up coming off like Ann Coulter, if Ann Coulter was a college party skank. So, I'll just call her Ann for the sake of this article. Ann, Egg, whatever. 

So, Ann comes out swinging, claiming she's dropping "truth bombs" with a fake story about how a big, fat, obese family ruins her day at the airport. This bullshit story is interspersed with the same old tired tropes about eating too much McDonald's, putting down the super-size fries, blah blah blaaaaargh. And then she tries to turn it around by saying she is fat shaming because she cares. "If one person is shamed into losing weight - GOOD! I'm doing my part!" (Or, something to that effect.) Because shame and ridicule has always inspired people. 

Bitch, please.

Let me tell you all a few things I noticed. First, she says the words "Ke$ha hair," and "white girl needs her Starbucks." Then, she said she was just as discriminated against as black people when it comes to the TSA. This tells me she is entitled, spoiled and has a worldview the size of a gnat's bladder. 

Second, there is a point, as she's railing about how unhealthy fat people are, when she lifts her pale, flabby arms into the air and shakes them back and forth in mock-exasperation. Whoo-ee, those wings flapped in the wind like clothes on a laundry line in a windstorm. This tells me the bitch is soft. She is not fit, she is not healthy, she is a skinny fat, lazy skeez.

And this, my Beavies, is the real heart of this issue. There are two types of people who think beating on someone they perceive is weak is a cool thing to do. 1. the people who've never known struggle, so they can't comprehend why others can't simply pull it together, and 2. The people at the bottom of the bucket trying to differentiate themselves from those who might be "worse." Ann is both. Like the High School prom queen who thinks everyone in college will think the's the shit, or the big fish in a tiny little po-dunk pond who thinks the ocean will show her the same adoration, our Ann is a lazy, entitled bitch who tries to point the finger at other people, so she looks like a hard worker by comparison. 

So, she made up a story and blamed airport inefficiency on a fictional fat family to make an "edgy" vlog. And it looks like that is her M.O. In another video, she dresses in lingerie, squeezes her fake tits, and acts like a slut, while going off on Instagram models who do the same thing "for free." In her mind, just because she has a YouTube channel, it makes her less of a whore.

Naw, bitch, we have your number. You're a lame-ass white girl, trying to "shock" people into liking you. YAWN. 

"Oooooh I said "pussy!" I said "blow job!" And I went like this..... Ho, shut the fuck up. You know who says those words and is actually funny? Amy Schumer. Or the girl you are trying so hard to be like, Jenna Marbles. Why does it work for them and not for you? Because they don't attack people for cheap views. Their "truth bombs" are more or less true, and relatable by most people in their demographic. They don't build strawmen and try to be the hero by sticking the pitchfork in. 

So, I'm going to wrap this up by saying if you don't like Instagram sluts, there is an unfollow button. My Instagram isn't full of sluts... Just sayin.' And if you are so upset by fat people - ignore them. I have NEVER in my ENTIRE LIFE had my day ruined by a fat person. And I've been to Costco, McDonald's and Disney World. Twice. Your story is a lie. You know it, we know it. Bury your head in the sand and don't come back until you have some fucking tricep muscles. 

Now for my sappy IronBeaver part, where I relate all of this to my website....

I know people who are obese. And there are so many things you don't see just by looking at someone. You don't see mental illness, you don't see traumas, you don't see illnesses or injuries and years of medications, alcoholism, addictions, and you haven't walked in their shoes. Likewise I know people who are afraid to eat. Who've spent years avoiding calories any way they could because they feel bodyfat makes them "disgusting" and "despicable." There are so many people in this world who have an unhealthy view of their body. There are so many ways we self-punish and get stuck in these awful cycles of self-loathing and self-abuse. And no, people like Ann don't make it any better, with their vitriol, and poor understanding of health and fitness. 

Look, I don't know many people who have the same level of anxiety issues that I do and are functional. So I get it. I know what it's like to fight with every breath I have to get out of bed, to cope with reality and to get my feet on the ground. I've been in places where I'm working too much, drinking to much, stressed to the gills and stuck in unhealthy ruts and days my world goes black. I know struggle. And I respect yours. 

Obese people who are here, you are always welcome and you aren't ruining people's lives. I'd rather sit next to a good-natured giant, than a vapid snizz who smells like layers of perfume, hairspray and semen. 

Like my website says, this is a Guide, not an order, not a bully stick. I never aim to tell you what to do, or shame you into doing it.  All I want is to keep you informed and give you a little beacon of hope that even if you are fat, skinny, skinny-fat, working too much, drinking too much, working though mental illness, burned out on your career or kids, or just plain tired, you can take steps to get you back. That's real inspiration. And you know I keep it 100. My truth bombs are MOABS. Her truth bombs are all smoke.