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This is my go-to water bottle. I have six in bright colors to match my mood or my workout shorts. Love, love, LOVE this bottle.


Bold ounce markers on the side do not fade with washing.

Easy to assemble and clean.

Dishwasher safe.

Mouth spout retracts into the bottle so there is no risk of outside contamination. Sweaty guy can't shake his sweat on your mouthpiece and Flubag McSneezeleton cannot infect you with aerosol disease. (at least not through your water bottle.) 

Easy one-hand button mechanism to open/close.

Loop on the top for easy transport or attaching to a carabiner. I hang mine off my key chain on my gym bag strap. Hands free. 


Due to the mild vacuum effect of the autoseal, sometimes there is a little water splash if you pop the straw open in your face. The simple solution is not to open the spout directly into your face. 

If the little black rubber gasket that seals the lid to the bottle comes out, the bottle is done. There is no putting it back, it will just fall out again. I've had it happen to 2 out of the nine bottles I've owned so far. 



Best deals: Check Contigo's website for current pricing. Costco often sells them in packs of three for about $20. They tend to be cheaper on Amazon than Target. Avg price I've seen: $13/bottle.