What's Happening, Jeanne?

Last week, I introduced you to Jeanne, who is trying to go from super-shredded, low cal, cardio-based workouts, to bulking and muscle-building. I'm documenting her progress for the next month. I am not her coach, or her adviser, she is doing all of her own research and coming up with her own diet and routines. 

September 20, 2015 / October 10, 2015

September 20, 2015 / October 10, 2015

What are you up to this week?

I joined the new Y this weekend. I had two weeks of bulking under my belt, already. Here was my thinking: I wanted to go around and tell everyone, "I usually look much better than this." I immediately changed course and thought, Better than what?? Better than who?? By whose standards? Define "better." My husband certainly thinks I look better (after eight months of him telling me I look too skinny.) I look great... and a little bad-ass, if I do say so myself!

Speaking of...my poor husband. I keep asking him questions he has no clue how to answer. Do I look like I'm bulking? Do my glutes look bigger? (with my hip jutted out.) 

I'm feeling confident, strong, energetic, and HEALTHY (and hungry!) I'm outgrowing my home gym. I definitely need a rack. I was bench pressing 65 lbs this morning. I could've gone heavier, but not without a proper bench and rack. 

I think I've gotten over the "honeymoon" period of all of this and am really ready to get as serious as possible with it. 

Has your routine changed? 

I found an amazing workout partner! They say to surround yourself with people who know more than you and I certainly did that. But, she reassures me that she is totally happy because she had someone she can lift heavy with. Ommigosh, this tiny girl is a BEAST! She had me deadlifting 200 pounds! (ok, only 2 reps, but still...) It's incredible to be pushed way beyond what I think I'm capable of. I push extra hard to not only be competitive, but to be a good workout partner. 

What are you eating? 

One kind of funny realization is that all my supplements were geared towards weight loss. I actually bought a muscle building stack, this time. I believe I am the only legal assistant in western WA who has BCAAs and citrulline in her desk drawer. I also have fruit, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, raw almonds - quick, simple trail mix. And, yes, I have the cliche bag of Starbucks coffee. I'm a big believer in the power of hydration for so many things. I'm always prepped with a ton of water in BPA-free containers. A typical day looks like: 

Pre-workout: 1 scoop whey protein powder

Post-workout: 1 scoop whey protein powder

Breakfast #1: 1 small pc whole wheat toast, 1.5 eggs, 2 egg whites, 1.5 cups spinach

Snack:  ½ scoop Lean 15, ½ cup mango

Snack: 1 homemenade protein bar

Breakfast #2: 2 tbs wheat germ, 1 packet apple/cinnamon oatmeal – usually bulgur , 1/8 cup Fiber One, ½ apple

Snack: 1/3 cup homemade trail mix (Fiber One, pumpkin seeds, raw almonds)

Snack: 12 raw almonds, 1 pear

Lunch: 2 cups salad mix, ¼ avocado, dressing (1tb nutritional yeast + apple cider vinegar), ½ can tuna

Snack: ½ cup cottage cheese, 2/3 cup pineapple

Dinner: 6 oz tilapia, 1 cup brussel sprouts, ¾ cup broccoli, 6 black olives

Dessert: ½ cup greek yogurt, 20 raw peanuts, 1 scoop whey protein powder

Accomplishments? New Goals? 

I ate more, and gained weight without freaking out. My body fat went up and I didn't flip out! The thought that the body needs the security of some bodyfat to be able to say it's okay to expend energy to build muscle resonated with me the past few weeks. 

 I hope to inspire others – especially my family (my 5-year-old granddaughter does squats and push ups), and let women know that they don’t need to starve themselves to be beautiful. I want to allow people to aim high with their goals (even be a little scared by them), to try something new, experiment and feel good.

I'm saying "see you later" to: manufactured protein bars, Fiber One, no rest days.

And "hello" to: Homemade raw protein bars, homemade apple cinnamon cereal, and rest day Sunday - foam roller, football and meal prep only!

I'm reintroducing: adding black strap molasses to my AM grains for iron (and flavor!), the splurge meal for leptin [a hormone that, in theory, briefly spikes metabolism and dopamine,] The 2-a days! [as the name suggests, 2 a days are working out twice a day.]


Homemade cereal, a fit girls' office drawer o' gains, meal prep!

Homemade cereal, a fit girls' office drawer o' gains, meal prep!